Blaise: Support Me Forever


This week is a real exclusive. One of us here at TWSH was lucky enough to meet and interview the up and coming star that is Blaise. With her bubbly personality she allowed us to get to know her: what she loves and what she hates, both in her real life and her music world. As the title suggests, Blaise wants her fans to support her and get to know and understand her as she embarks on this musical journey.

17 year old Blaise has grown up in London but loves New York, she explained that she went there during the freezing cold in October for her 16th birthday and despite the weather she did what she does best: shopping for vintage gear: ‘I love vintage, vintage jackets…I like the idea of no one having it, its vintage you cannot get it.’ I’m sure even a hurricane wouldn’t stop Blaise from shopping. She said she would love to promote her music in America but for now Britain is where her heart is and where she is making a name for herself.

The fascinating truth is that Blaise is just Blaise, it’s no alter ego, her family hold an amazing array of names from her youngest sister called Blue Honey, her middle sister is Tennessee Boney and her older sister Harley. With Blaise being the only one without a middle name, she really is quite upset about that so the conversation drifted quickly to her love for Prince and her mothers influence on her music choice as she was growing up. Blaise really is the stand out individual in her family not only for the lack of a middle name but also for her career choice: ‘No one else has done a music career in the family, but they all support me.’

Her determination to succeed is driven by the way she sees her life, that her road is already paved out for her. Here at TWSH we’re sure she will succeed in the music industry and that’s shown by the fast growing fan base and respect and support she has from leaders of the music industry. When asked whether or not she sees herself in a specific genre she replied: ‘In my opinion, I don’t fit into a category. My writing is how I feel’ she went on to say, ‘the fans have been brilliant, I’m getting more recognition from the music industry rather then a huge fan base which I like because they are listening more to the music before getting to know me.’

Looking to the future when she’s all successful and has forgotten about us Londoners I asked Blaise, who she would like to collaborate with: ‘for current artists it would be Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Neyo, Neyo is a brilliant song writer.’ And if it could be anyone from history, excluding Prince: ‘You said no Prince but that would be my first choice by far.’

We also had a chat about other performing arts genres, so I asked Blaise if she were to have a movie made about her life who would she want to play her, and it seems like this girl is an all rounder because she’d love to play herself. So Hollywood there you have it, this girls talent might be way beyond the vocal and dance abilities we can already see.

We also spoke about her recent music video for Attitude, and Blaise said that it was very bubbly, bright and fun but she wants her next track and video to show a different side, so it will be a lot more mature. Here at TWSH we can’t wait to see what happens.

Despite saying she wanted to showcase a more mature side we ended the interview with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Needless to say Blaise is a talented girl so she won, but she did introduce a new element: fire, which beat everything…. I don’t think anything could showcase her personality more. Watch out for her she’ll be blazing through a town near you soon 😉


Check out our review of Attitude which has all the right links to get to know Blaise…


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