Meet the Team

Kristine – Co-Founder, Editor and occasional contributor
Head honcho, Kristine dreamt up TWSH when feeling like her degree in Music Tech had all been a massive waste of time: working in retail, with massive debts and not knowing where to go. Since then it’s helped her get a new ‘grown up’ job, make lots of new friends and be exposed to worlds of new music she never knew existed. She’s also a massive busy body and volunteers for the UK charity Verity, who support women with PCOS.
Follow Kristine Here: Instagram @KristineMaria

Geri – Co-Founder and contributor

Samira – Co-Founder, Business brain and occasional contributor

Tom – Contributor

Nico – Editor

TJ – Contributor 
TJ, formerly a dancer/choreographer, is now a singer/songwriter/vocal coach/poet/supposed performer and a sometime writer. He promises he’ll one day find a life of some sort.
Follow TJ here: Website @MusicTJ

Niall – Contributor
Niall has been playing and creating music for most of his life, and has studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, UK.  He has played on varying stages, and outside of music has a love of language, food and politics. He can currently be found figuring out what exactly he wants to do in life other than watch Netflix.
Follow Niall here: Instagram SoundCloud @NiallBlackburn

Sean– Contributor
Born in Australia, Sean spent 8 years in England before moving back. Playing the trumpet from the age of 7 helped nurture e a deep appreciation of all things music. A four year career in finance wasn’t for him, so he is now following his dreams. With an eclectic taste, Sean’s favourite artists include: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Bob Marley, A Tribe Called Quest, Miles Davis amongst many others. Sean also writes for Melbourne based website Little Boom Music

Dave – Contributor
I’ve been obsessed with music since I was about eight years old and discovered Guns N Roses. Being a few years away from my teenage years I had quite the jump start on my peers when it came to rock n roll. By the time I was ten I was already researching the back catalogues of my favourite bands like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Ac / Dc and Iron Maiden. The history of music as much as the songs themselves has always been a fascination to me, where genres developed and crossed over, what cultural influences had on the music, what effect the music had on the culture. It’s a powerful form of expression.
When I hit my mid-teens my tastes got heavier, but I always found myself coming back to GNR, I still do to this day. While I’m always going to be a metal fan, as I got older and more and more into guitar playing I started diving into other styles such as Blues, Jazz, Classical, and of course the classic rock bands that started it all.
My top five favourite bands are Guns N Roses, Nightwish, Dream Theater, Metallica, and Thin Lizzy. I could go on and on about favourite bands, that trouble is there is so many the list would be far too long.
In 2013 I gained my Diploma of Music – Tuition qualification and I aim to start teaching guitar lessons soon.
I’ve been writing for for over a year now and I’ve found I really enjoy reviewing albums and discovering new bands through this process. The past year I’ve started to use the available sites on the internet, such as Wikipedia and YouTube, to discover new bands. There is a lot of talent out there, unfortunately unless you know where to look you’re going to miss out on some great stuff
Follow Dave Here: @metalife80

Liam – Contributor




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