Milky Chance ‘Down by the River’

Photograph by David Ulrich

Photograph by David Ulrich

Milky Chance are a weird one. I can’t decide if they’re folk, jazz, electronic, all of the above or none of these at all. Comprised of vocalist and musician Clemens Rehbein and DJ Phillip Dausch. Having gone to school together the pair also performed as part of Jazz group Flown Tones before breaking off as duo Milky Chance in 2012.

I am torn as to whether I love or hate this track. It is simple and I ask myself is it too simple? Then again is that what makes it beautiful and catchy? My next point of contention is Rehbein’s vocals, they are strained at points almost on the point of being gravely but not quite reaching it. I simultaneously find this mildly irritating yet completely captivating, a bit like his hair!

For once I have no verdict on a track, the jury is well and truly out on this one. Why not listen and decide for yourself.


Download Down by The River from Sadnecessary

Find out more about Milky Chance
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