First Aid Kit ‘Stay Gold’

First Aid Kit

Despite the very American folk sound to First Aid Kit, they are actually Swedish. Hailing from Stockholm this duo have been on the scene for a while and have a current like total of 197k on Facebook.  So with that to prep you, what’s so great about this track?

‘Stay Gold’ has a beautiful lilting feel perfect for those lazy summer evenings that are ahead of us but also for long drives. Layering finger picked guitar motifs with piano and an epic sounding orchestral arrangement in the background this track combines your usual folky vibe with a hollywood feel. Even though they are based in Europe, First Aid Kit have nailed the sounds that is perfect for hit American shows and epic movies.

Verdict: A beautiful track that you will subconsciously end up humming along to whether you want to or not.


Download Stay Gold from Stay Gold

Find out more about First Aid Kit
Facebook Twitter YouTube Website


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