Clean Bandit ‘Cologne’ (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon)

Clean Bandit

Cambridge four piece ‘Clean Bandit’ break all stereotypes mixing classical and dance. This might put you off, but it’s honestly a joy to listen to. To help break that mind set of yours even more, their track ‘Mozart’s House’ made it to no. 17 in the UK chart last year and ‘Rather Be’ topped the charts for 4 weeks back in January.

‘Cologne’ starts off as a very typical dance track with feature vocals from Nikki Cislyn and Javeon. Then, the strings pop up with the break riff,  so they don’t take you off guard altogether. Carrying on in this way the track then segues into a beautiful string solo in the middle.

Sadly there’s no video for Cologne yet, so here’s a playlist:

It works well as a classic dance style track, whilst bringing some culture to the general public. The quartet is known for making gestures to famous works of art in their videos as well as referencing famous classical composers in their music.

Verdict: Electric proms anyone?


Find out more about Clean Bandit:
Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Website

Find out more about Nikki Cislyn:
Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

Find out more about Javeon:
Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Website


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