Sam Smith ‘Life Support’

Sam Smith

Sam Smith, he’s one of those people who isn’t what you expect. The image I get in my head is so totally different to what you’re presented with in person, I personally like surprises. iTunes were a day late this week in updating their free single, but it was worth the wait.

Being a local lad to us here in London we’re very proud of him. Launched to fame on Disclosures 2012 track ‘Latch’ and following this up with ‘Ooh La La’ in collaboration with Naughty Boy, Smith has gone on to release his debut solo album collaborating on some tracks with Adele’s support team Ed White and Fraser T. Smith. We know it’s going to be good.

Sadly the stream of Life Support has been taken off Sam’s SoundCloud so here’s the first track from his album ‘Money on my Mind’

‘Life Support’ showcases his vocals brilliantly, all the way from his deep soulful tones to his strong falsetto that almost tricks you into thinking he’s doing a duet for a moment. Pin this down with a luscious string bed and piano, then modernise it with some light beats, bass and vocoder ,and you have a winner.

Verdict: We’re loving Sam’s debut solo work and we expect great things…no pressure!


Download Life Support from In the Lonely Hour

Find out more about Sam Smith
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