The Strypes ‘Hard to Say No’

The Strypes

‘The Strypes’ are Evan Walsh, Peter O’Hanlon, Josh McClorey and Ross Farrelly and range from the ages of 16 to 18. Hailing from my uncle’s home town of Cavan in Ireland, these guys have a tight, professional sound that is far beyond their years. They already have famous support from Noel Gallagher and Elton John, as well as having appeared on the Jools Holland Show. With a classic Brit pop look that screams Oasis and the Stones, these guys definitely mean business.

The video for ‘Hard to Say No’ was shot in Cavan. It almost summarises the lad’s journey from bedroom practice sessions where they learnt old blues tunes, to becoming performance artists in their own right. ‘Hard to Say No’ has a punchy, in your face start and a catchy recurring riff that gives narrative to the song. It’s driving rhythm keeps your head nodding and leaves you wanting to jump around in your front room, never mind at a gig. The guitar solo in the middle is well balanced, creating the perfect segway into a drum solo, before welcoming Farrelly’s raucous vocals back for the finale.

Verdict: These guys are on the rise. They’ll be headlining festivals before they’ve all left school.


Download Hard to Say No from their EP 4 Track Mind

Find out more about The Strypes
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