Silvery Ghosts ‘Love & Other Ephemera’

Silvery Ghosts

Silvery Ghosts is a new band consisting of singer-songwriter/guitarist Hank Kim, vocalist Kelli Scarr (who sung on Moby’s album Wait For Me), guitarist/keyboardist Nate Martinez and drummer Tom Zovich. The musicians, along with producer Nate Martinez, sort to create an album with both timeless and modern qualities. By using instruments like acoustic guitars, pianos, violins and adding an EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) as well as some programming, Love & Other Ephemera is a uniquely sounding collection of songs that also shows the coming of age of Hank Kim as a songwriter. 

If you’re familiar with Kim’s two previous albums, Blue Alibi and Notorious Rainproof Smile, you’ll know his strengths as a singer and a lyricist, and be happy to see the growth and maturity this talented musician has achieved. This growth came from some troubling times that saw Kim take five years away from music. Making it through the hard times, and becoming stronger in the process, has given Kim a lot of life experiences to weave within his songs, and few artists are able to do so with such honesty. 

If you’re a fan of Chris Isaak, Leonard Cohen, or even acoustic ballads from modern rock acts you’re sure to find a lot in this album to like.

The new album will be released on June 9th and will be available through Amazon and iTunes.


Pre-Order Love and Other Ephemera

Find out more about Silvery Ghosts:
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