Future Islands ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’

Future Islands

Formed from the remnants of college band Art Lord & the Self-Portraits, ‘Future Islands’ give us a very late 80s/early 90s pop rock vibe full of perky bass, drawn out synths and emotive vocals. iTunes have given us this week’s offering from Baltimore, at the moment they’re going crazy for them state side, especially after their performance on the David Letterman show. So what do we think here in the UK?

The song starts off with some lovely 80’s synth interjections that build into the verse. The track is driven by the very prominent bass line, and without many percussive elements this is very important. It peaks at the right times and comes down at the right times. Overall it’s an ok track but I honestly can’t find that wow moment which makes me go ‘Yeah I really love this.’ I also have to add that the ‘dad’ dancing on the Letterman show is a bit awkward…but then again that could have been out of nerves so we’ll let that one go.

Verdict: OK track with a slightly dated feel. Definitely want to listen to the rest of the album to get a better idea of the band.


Download Seasons (Waiting On You) from Singles

Find out more about Future Islands
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