RÜFÜS ‘Take Me’


RÜFÜS hail from Down Under. An indie dance trio from Sydney they have been together since 2010. iTunes are breaking them into the mainstream as this weeks free download on the UK Store. They are Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt; and are currently signed to Aussie label ‘Sweat It Out’.

‘Take Me’ is a classic dance track that screams summer. Finally fulfilling on the promises iTunes have been making with the last few weeks songs. It starts low and simple with a four to the floor beat and a tension building synth beat before launching into the main section of the track. The vocal line sticks to a simple melody that doesn’t go overboard at any point. The guys use the synth riffs to their advantage throughout the track building both texture and tension where appropriate.

VERDICT: A well executed dance track. Perfect for summer and to supplement any running playlists that you might be working on at the moment.


Download Take Me from….

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