All The Luck In The World ‘Never’

All the Luck in the World
‘All in the Luck in the World’ are an Irish indie group from Co. Wicklow. This week’s track is already famous having over a million hits on YouTube. It was also featured in a TriVago advert, and can you believe it was recorded at home. No fancy production work here. However it’s taken 2 years to get the recognition they deserve and iTunes have decided to share them with us.

Opening with a simple plucked guitar motif ‘Never’ has a very intimate feel from the start. When the vocals come in, these feelings are intensified, there’s a melodic ‘Jamie T’ feel to them. There is a beautiful rhythm to the lyrics that you can’t help but get caught up in. The track builds slowly with added percussive elements and heavier strumming on the guitar.

An everlasting track that is the perfect soundtrack to an emotive visual and definitely one of the tracks that you can imagine singing along to at a packed festival, to end an amazing night. This is definitely on the future wedding playlist…

Verdict: Love it and to quote the lyrics ‘Oh no we’re lost for words again.’


Download Never from All the Luck in the World

Find out more about All The Luck In The World
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