Daisy Victoria ‘Heart Full of Beef’

Daisy Victoris

Daisy Victoria is a Gem. Her EP is full of hair raising vocals (Tori Amos/smashing pumpkins). A mixture of music that shows off a liquid, extensive vocal range. One that is dark and sultry. She has an ‘everything including the kitchen sink’ kind of voice. Resonating, smooth; solidified by instrumental’s and melodies that pull the tracks together with an accompaniment of grungy, melodic, dark, rock sounds. Like the punk rock of the past three decades. Heavy percussion and discordant guitar riffs, shot through with folksy rhythm and haunting arrangement. The Heart of Beef EP is brilliantly innovative. Inspired melodies and folksy storytelling lyrics make this album one to watch.

The title track to this EP ‘Heart of Beef’, this song is full of grand melody and an arrangement that suits the songs that follow. A quirky intro falls away to the intensity and range of Daisy’s vocal, she gives it all the emphasis of Joe Strummer (the Clash). She holds the lyrics even over the complex mix of the instrumental. Both given enough space without sounding too thin. The track is somewhat poppy with an 70s/80’s edge; doubled up by the beginning and ending guitar riffs.

Next ‘Macbeth to my lady.’ The track gives not only emphasis on certain words, but a type of reverb that brings the vocals a haunting quality. The track uses a brilliant guitar riff and relentless percussive drum melody that push its energy around in a bouncy American rock way. The solo near the end, gives it a tireless folk feel. Guaranteed to make the listeners moving till the last note.

‘Cloth’ has a darker tone than the previous tracks. The arrangement of instrumental plucking, staccato bells and string instruments, is brilliant. It adds to the different layers of this song. Mixing sexy, sultry vocals that cut to the bone gives this track a Tarantino edge, especially as the track builds so much to the last phrase before cutting back to this off key tinkling melody. These western aspects give it a serious character.

The ‘Secret Garden Path’ is a refreshing change of pace. This track sounds more upbeat, with 50’s, swinging, guitar riffs and bouncing bell accompaniments. There is a lovely crying tone at the back of Daisy’s vocal which lets the emphasis of this particular song soar. There is an odd snippet of country guitar riff included which adds a folksy feel to the melody. The lyrics are a lot clearer, bringing the charming sense of the storyteller, all the while chilling with the words themselves.

‘Tree’ shows off Daisy’s range beautifully. The track builds slowly. Folksy in lyric, sensual in mix and arrangement; with layers of drum, guitar, and glockenspiel added to the mix. All of which boosts the mysterious, enticing aspect to Daisy’s voice throughout. The track holds together a pleasant, big sound without becoming too overpowering. An extensive use of layers and arrangement gives the entire song an assured cinematic sound, marking a return to the darker elements of the opening tracks.

Verdict: A mix of beautiful, chilling and upbeat. Don’t let the title fool you, this album is all heart. Reminds of something you might hear an opening scene to the TV show, Charmed. Definitely worth a listen and to keep.


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