The Vamps ‘Dangerous’

The Vamps

iTunes have had a good run of free singles recently… until now. This week we have begrudgingly received ‘Dangerous’ by The Vamps. Yet another British pop boy band that look barely legal and have irritating songs. Ok so I’m biased this week and a bit grumpy but we will prevail. The Vamps are Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans who formed in 2012 and got signed to Mercury the same year. From then, the manufacturing began…

FYI: Dangerous comes in at 18:05

‘Dangerous’ is a generic pop song with a driving bass line, some fine little guitar riffs and a tenor male voice that sounds pleasant but doesn’t have much raw power behind it. It will be used for some motivational video at some point and they’ll get loads of screaming 14 year old girls making up their fan base. They’ve even covered a Busted song already…I am hoping that Asgèir might do a cover of it like he did of Wrecking Ball, because the lyrics are quite nice and I could be surprised.

Verdict: I’m too old for these new fangled pop bands and I just don’t get them anymore, I shall pass on this one.


Download Dangerous from Meet the Vamps

Find out more about The Vamps
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