SOHN ‘Tremors’


SOHN is British musician Christopher Taylor who bases himself in Vienna. ‘Tremors’ is Taylor’s debut album released on April 7th. iTunes are giving the title track to us this week. Having gained critical acclaim online and supported by ‘Dazed and Confused.’ SOHN is definitely one to watch. If you’re a fan of Bon Iver and Jamie Woon prepare to be happy with this week’s offering.

This weeks track isn’t available to host anywhere so here’s ‘The Wheel’ instead…

‘Tremors’ is a minimalistic electronic piece that layers different textures together, building them slowly to climax in a satisfying way. Vocal samples, long synth chords, and short, snappy percussion creates an interweaving chilled out atmosphere. Taylor lays his higher register over this. Beautifully offsetting the background, as the synth, electro sounds have a deep, round sound, allowing the higher vocals to cut through.

Verdict: A beautiful track with a brilliant chilled summer vibe, can’t wait to checkout the rest of the album.


Download Tremors from Tremors

Find our more about SOHN
Facebook Twitter YouTube Website


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