We Were Evergreen – ‘Daughters’

We Were Evergreen

Particularly fitting for a subtle track like ‘Daughters’ is its rather arty, minimalist video.

We Were Evergreen were clearly happy to step away from much of the limelight for their recent video to let director Dominique Rocher be a little experimental. Each of the many dancers in the video for ‘Daughters’ seamlessly works around the others to repeatedly carry out a number of apparent everyday tasks and situations. They gradually build up in numbers throughout the video until the set is really quite busy and a spectacle for the eyes. Occasionally the pace of the video is broken up in time with the music to give the band members their time to shine.

Like the track itself, the video for ‘Daughters’ is not necessarily one that will grab your attention. However, both the video and the track improve with every listen…every time you see or hear each one respectively you will notice even more subtle elements, making it a very rewarding experience.

Verdict: We love this video. Simple and effective.


Download Daughters from Towards

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