Paul Thomas Saunders ‘A Lunar Veteran’s Guide to Re-Entry’


This weeks artist and song title are a bit of a mouthful, not really a PR persons dream, but we make do. It’s hard to find any bio info about Paul on the internet. We do know that he’s from Leeds, in his early twenties and gave up bands to go solo. He cites the likes of Jeff Buckley as one of his influences. This is plain form both the way he’s styled (see image above) and his general sound: both scream emo/indie/goth. On first listen he sounds like every other singer songwriter that idolises Buckley. This sameness contrasts well with the sound scapes he creates.

‘Lunar Veteran’s Guide to Re-Entry.’ Quite a mouthful! On the plus side it does exactly what it says on the tin. Texture, atmosphere and spaciness are all represented. Opening with lots of swirling synth sounds, Paul’s voice enters in an ethereal manner from afar. Sticking to higher, breathy registers, the vocals further strengthen the outer space theme. The track is pinned down by a constant, unchanging drum beat. It’s an aesthetically pleasing track, but I don’t know if I need any more emo/indie tracks in my music library.

Verdict: Nice background music, but a bit samey.


Download A Lunar Veterans Guide to Re-Entry from Beautiful Desolation

Find out more about Paul Thomas Saunders
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