Tashaki Miyaki – Cool Runnings

Tashaki MiyakiTashaki Miyaki, originally made up of duo Lucy (drums and lead vocals) and Rocky (guitar), was formed after a late night jam session and impromptu recordings in early 2011, with friend and producer/engineer Joel Jerome (Dios, Babies in Acid). Soon after the duo asked friend and bassist Dora Hiller to join. While only being formed for a short time they have managed to create an astonishing amount of work. Putting out two lovely EP’s, recording some great covers and somehow managing to find the time to tour both North America and the UK.

This week we look at their newly released special edition vinyl ‘Cool Runnings’. The coloured limited edition will be available on their own vinyl imprint, Blonde Dog Records.

The track does not get bogged down with making new lyrics for each verse. There is an ever present psychedelic touch. The repetition is not a bad thing. What the track lacks in lyrics it more than compensates in musicality. There is not a moment that isn’t filled. The prominent folksy rhythmic guitar give the song an indie cinematic touch.

The track feels like sedate afternoon summer sunshine. 70’s honeyed vocal harmonics and 90’s inspired lyrics give a bold and contained sound. The track’s pace is pleasant and rhythmic, like a gentle chilled out wave. The addition of the recurring lighter string and percussion backing gives the song a lighter tone. The whole thing has an airy loveliness while also providing a contrast to the severity of the general theme of the song itself.

Verdict: Inspired. The thrifty laid back lyrics and smooth pop waves make this track feel like velvet sliding down a banister. Best served with flannel shirts, oversized sunglasses, a barbecue and some lemonade.


Download Cool Runnings

Find out more about Tashaki Miyaki:
Facebook SoundCloud Twitter Vimeo


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