MØ ‘Walk This Way’

Credit: Thomas Skou

Credit: Thomas Skou

Mø is Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted. She appeared on the Danish electro-pop scene back in 2012 and Mø stands for ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’, so we’re sensing a Madonna like vibe here. Mø has already worked with the likes of Avicii on his track Dear Boy, although her vocals are commonly mistaken as being Lana Del Rey. Having released a string of singles since 2012, Mø has now released her debut album ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ on Chess Club Records.

I have to admit that I expected a re-hash of Run DMC and Aerosmith when I saw the title of the song; I was however pleasantly surprised with the opposite. The track opens with very high pitched vocals and some high pitched vocal samples to help create texture in the background. It’s immediately clear why she is compared to Lana Del Rey, but I have to admit her tonal quality is much preferred to Lana’s. The whole track is texturally yummy, with hand claps, guitar riffs, percussion interjections and harmonically pleasing synth chords. The only thing it really lacks is an underpinning baseline.

Here at TWSH we’re loving Mø and the other tracks from her album are just as good if not better.

Verdict: Download it now! Then listen on repeat.


Download Walk This Way from No Mythologies to Follow

Find out more about MØ
Facebook Twitter Website


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