Dan Croll ‘Thinkin Aboutchu’

dan-CrollThere’s been lots of hype around Dan Croll lately, so there’s no surprise that he’s made it to the single of the week. He’s from Staffordshire and moved to Liverpool at the age of 18 to study at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Whilst there, he won the national Songwriter of the Year award from the Musicians Benevolent Fund. He was lucky enough to be one of 8 picked to meet Sir Paul McCartney. I don’t think his single would have made it to record of the week without his record companies pushing. Lets dive in anyway.

To begin, the name of the song, ‘Thinkin Aboutchu’ (second on the YouTube feed). Is this some long lost cousin of Pikachu? I find it an annoying and ridiculous way of spelling it. Spelling and grammar is bad enough in the young today, without those in positions of influence making it worse. It’s not cute, clever or cool. Next, they’ve hammed up the nerd/hipster look when it comes to branding Dan. I suspect that’s an effort to butter listeners up for his brand of music.

The track is full of random noises like the hitting of hammers, synths, guitars and soft percussion. The song starts with the promise of more, relaxed and calm. The vocals don’t change much or do anything spectacular. Dan’s voice is pleasant to listen to, nothing wrong there. I did hate the guitar interruption just before the chorus. What is all that about? I know they’re trying to be hipster and edgy by shoving this in here louder than everything else. Jarring the hell out of listeners ears for fun. It works to ruin, rather than enhance, what is already a plain track.

Verdict: Bland, beige and that guitar…wtf? Not a good track. From Nowhere is much better by far.


Download Thinkin Aboutchu from Sweet Disaray

Find out more about Dan Croll
Facebook Twitter Website


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