Half Moon Run ‘Dark Eyes’

Half Moon Run Dark Eyes

After releasing their debut album in Europe last year, Canadian quartet ‘Half Moon Run’ have created quite a buzz. ‘Full Circle,’ the stand-out track from this stunning album, has received solid radio play across the board. In case you missed it, here’s why ‘Dark Eyes’ is worth a listen.

‘Dark Eyes’ is complete with a range of tracks that are a treat for a wide spectrum of listeners. This does not, however, mean that they are dull, bland or without identity.

‘Full Circle’ is a well-crafted balance of powerful, heartfelt vocals from Devon Portielje, and atmospheric guitar. It sets the pace and tone for the album and lets you know that this is ‘indie-folk’ done differently. It’s worth noting that Half Moon Run are an indie band that have successfully harnessed elements of folk with plenty of other genre elements thrown-in for good measure.

The second track ‘Call Me in the Afternoon’ contrasts well with ‘Full Circle,’ immediately making the album more upbeat and changing its atmosphere. As the album progresses there are a variety of unique treats, such as ‘Fire Escape,’ ‘Give Up’ and ‘No More Losing the War,’ which stand out with their strong melodic choruses. Most tracks have well-written lyrics that stick with you, and perfectly complement the accompanying music. ‘She Wants To Know’ is a great example of this relationship, with it’s sweeping chorus that will have many singing along in no time.

If you’ve never been a fan of anything with a folk ‘twang,’ don’t be scared. It mixes things up enough to keep its sound fresh and appealing throughout. As a whole, ‘Dark Eyes’ cements Half Moon Run’s musical identity, with a strong segment of powerful, emotional tracks that have the ability to appeal to a variety of tastes.

It’s clear that the band have the potential to go a long way if they can build on their strengths and push their musical abilities just a little bit further.


Download Dark Eyes

Read the TWSH review of Half Moon Run ‘Full Circle’ from August 2013


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