Skaters ‘I Wanna Dance (but I don’t know how)’

SkatersFormed in NYC in 2012. Skaters founding members Ian Cummings and Noah Rubin had been making music together since 2012 as The Dead Trees. In New York City they finally met up with Joshua Hubbard of ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ fame, after having sent demo tapes back and forth regularly for a year. Its fantastic to see a strong British influence!

Only in New York for a month, Hubbard told the guys he wanted to play a gig with them. They recruited local bass player Dan Burke at short notice and the rest was history. The band can cite bands such as: Mission of Burma, The Ramones, The Clash, and the Pixies as major influences. With them as their inspiration we’re sure they’ll make it big.

Skater’s sound typifies recent British hipster/indie trends. Likely due to Hubbard and his past influences. The track is extra poppy, and bouncy. Google may want to take note for future use in one of their adverts, in which they like to show a compilation of everything that was good from a particular era.

The intro begins with light high hat and muted bass. It then launches full on into the chorus before dropping back to the verse. It attempts to break away from its British flavoured Hipster/Indie vibe with some nice 80’s drum pads emphasising the beat every couple of bars, it fails. I figure this may be new across the Atlantic, but it seems awfully familiar over here in the old country. It takes me back 10 years to the era of ‘Babyshambles,’ ‘The Libertines’ and, perhaps understandably, Hubbard’s old band ‘Dirty Pretty Things.’

Verdict: Good song, nice beat but it sounds all too familiar. I fear we might get bored quickly.


Download I Wanna Dance from the album Manhattan

Find out more about Skaters:
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