Lucius ‘Nothing Ordinary’


Based in Brooklyn, Lucius is a five-piece group. Featuring the insatiable vocal talents of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the stomping percussion of Dan Molad and the whip cracking riffs of Peter Lalish and Andrew Burri on guitar.

We have been fortunate at TWSH to get a snippet of the album in the form of the track ‘Nothing Ordinary’. It has not disappointed.

There is a sense of parallels here, much like the band themselves. Jess and Holly style themselves identically. And if you think there is just one vocal on the track, you may want to listen again. The track is full of synth backed vocals and electronic instruments but they stop short of being a full on tsunami of sound. Weaving together Wolfe’s and Laessig’s raucous pop rock harmonies, that have all the vocal clout of the Andrews sisters, but with all the electricity of hearing Tori Amos’ cover of ‘Smells like teen spirit’ for the first time; it’s electric.

There’s something earthy, almost tribal about this track. The stripped down percussion and the overlaid bass give a powerful, natural edge, which promotes a sense of wildness. There is a hypnotic tone and modulation over the entire mix with impatient temper that seeps through the whole track.

It excels at holding off then layering on, lowering down and beefing up, it does this to such effect that it serves to emphasise those negative spaces in between sounds. There is a mix of science fiction sound effects that push the vocals forward. Rising and falling like a shot of cold water, on a scorching day. In parts brisk, and so very startling, but holding at the point before unpleasantness kicks in. With such a tuned and steady hand, what could have descended into a meaningless tacky shriek, is pure melody with a good dollop of finesse. As a result the track vibrates in your ears, under your skin and in your head for hours afterwards. The track feels like a storm in a tea cup (contained, but no less fierce). Because of this it raises your heart up to the beat.

Verdict: The album promises to be energetic, catchy and lingering. On these points and more, it delivers. Full of nostalgic indie pop waves, there is certainly nothing ordinary about it! Its perfect to help escape the inevitable terrible weather.


Download Nothing Ordinary from Wildewoman

Find out more about Lucius
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