Mahuat Mondino ‘VooDoo Me’

Mahaut MondinoSo we’ve already established that Mahaut Mondino is a lady with many talents from our previous review. However she is an elusive individual to pin down. In an age when you can find out anything about people through Google. I was surprised to find little about her, especially considering the line of work she’s in. Therefore we are intrigued, not least at how she managed to minimise her digital footprint so effectively, but there is no denying that she has an amazing voice and will definitely go far.

Earlier this year she released her first solo single ‘Voodoo Me,’ in which she showcases her impressive range and after which I’m even more persuaded she’s related to Rebecca Ferguson! From deep earthy tones which swoop to breathy high notes with little effort, Mondino is a joy to listen to. ‘Voodoo Me’ is a light summery track that we’re sure will go viral when the weather picks up…you know that period of two weeks when it actually stops raining for a few hours in a row.

Verdict: We love this first track and can’t wait for more.


Find out more about Mahuat Mondino
Agency Site Website


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