Temples ‘Shelter Song’

1276723_532978870108661_858127417_oTemples are rocking some serious 60s/70s vibes. Think the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Monkees; even their single artwork screams psychedelia. Since they hail from Kettering, the Midlands, UK, I’m not really surprised. ‘Temples’ are James Bagshaw, Thomas Warmsley, Adam Smith and Samuel Toms; and have been together since 2012.

‘Shelter Song’ opens with a classic 60s sounding guitar riff which is then interjected by the echoey lead vocals and accompanied by some lovely muted copy cats in the background. Everything needed for a classic psychedelic track. There’s not much more that needs saying. The guys do their genre and they do it well, even down to their look and their suitably trippy video to accompany the track. Someone find me a TARDIS!

Verdict: A classic, download it and chill out: enjoy with some chamomile tea!


Download Shelter Song

Find out more about Temples
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