Supreme Cuts ft. Mahaut Mondino ‘Gone’


Supreme Cuts have been on the scene for a while, usually working within the realms of Hip Hop. This weeks iTunes single sees them working with the daughter of French photographer Jean Baptiste-Mondino, Mahaut Mondino. Mahuat already has a prestigious work history, having been commissioned to create music for influential brands such as L’Oreal, Cacharel and Yves Saint Laurent. Mahuat has featured on another of Supreme Cuts tracks from the album ‘Divine Ecstasy’. Last month she released her first solo track ‘Voodoo Me’.

‘Gone’ starts with light, high pitched piano, which sets you up mentally for an Adele type track. What you get when the vocals are introduced, is a smooth, silky R&B/Soul track. I honestly thought I was listening to Rebecca Ferguson for a moment; Modino’s vocal timbre is so similar. The backing track then changes to be more trance/dance like, with repetitive synth chords that arpeggiate, increasing the tension. Also included are some amazing textural bass synth rhythms that keep the track moving. As well as light horn and harp interjections that stop the track from becoming stagnant.

Verdict: A decent chill out track but it doesn’t have that wow moment.


Download Gone and Divine Ecstasy

Find out more about Supreme Cuts:
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Find out more about Mahaut Mondino:


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