Àsgeir ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘The Toe Rag Acoustic Sessions’

Àsgeir 2

So, this week I’ve been super happy! Paolo Nutini is releasing a new album after FOUR years of silence…and I thought waiting for Sherlock was hard! However, he now has stiff new competition from Icelandic newbie Àsgeir who so far has managed to make me cry with every single song of his I listen to. So to start you off listen to his cover of ‘Wrecking Ball’ below. Miley Cyrus has literally never sounded so good…

Now I hear you say, ‘But yeah he’s only covering that, it’s not like he wrote it’. So next I present to you, ‘The Toe Rag Acoustic Sessions’. A short but sweet EP that you can download for FREE from bandcamp. Classic folk songs with just him and his guitar. They have the effect of bringing you so intimately close you feel like you could be sat a breath away from him. His voice is mesmerising. It takes me back to the first time I listened to Jeff Buckley or Elliot Smith. Very few singers can make you feel like it’s just you and them in a room when you’re listening to a recording. It’s intimate and personal despite being mass consumed.

And if you’re not quite convinced by now, go here and listen to Torrent.

Àsgeir is not to be missed!



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