East India Youth ‘Dripping Down’

East India YouthElectro with an Indie and, at times, slightly gospel vibe; this is East India Youth.

East India Youth is William Doyle. The name is inspired by the Docklands area of East London. With a penchant for flowery shirts he rebels against electronic music norms in typical indie ‘Look at me’ fashion. Considering his history as lead singer in group ‘Doyle and the Fourfathers’ we are not surprised by his ‘I’m cool by breaking the norm’ attitude. His single ‘Dripping Down’ is from his debut solo album ‘Total Strife Forever’

Once the song gets going, it reminds me of ‘Fairground’ by Simply Red. It has the same driving percussive rhythms with airs of James Blake and the Pet Shop Boys. It has a subtle start with held synth chords, vocals and those percussive rhythms.

Just as you think its about to launch there is an injection of that weird gospel. Not to be disappointed for long, it then breaks into a classic ‘clubby’ four to the floor that had me dancing in my seat on the train. Doyle revels in making you feel slightly uneasy when listening. He does this by coming in that little bit too early on the final chorus, and leaving an almost awkward silence before the last ‘dripping down your soul’ section.

The final moments of the track spoil what would have otherwise been an almost perfect song. Just when it seems its almost over the James Blake/Gospel interlude pops up again. Its a wholly unnecessary addition. Personally, I shall be popping into iTunes and editing that bit off the end. (It’s possible, google is your friend)

Verdict: Solid start, better middle, pants end. Definitely worth a download.


Download Dripping Down and Total Strife Forever

Find out more about East India Youth
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