Acoda ‘Yours To Defend’

Acoda‘Yours to Defend’ is the debut album from progressive metal band Acoda. Forming in Corby in 2008, Acoda have released a couple of solid EPs over the last few years and toured regularly around the UK.

It’s immediately clear when listening to ‘Yours to Defend’ that Acoda have spent the years building up to the album’s release honing their identity. Their sound clearly draws parallels to other bands, such as Architects and While She Sleeps, but at the same time manages to sound fresh and inviting.

Initial tracks ‘The Future Is Yours To Defend’ and ‘The Ludovico Technique’ stand out with their catchy riffs and choruses, while ‘Daws Heath’ is a more mellow (but equally powerful) breather that’s well-placed at around two-thirds of the way through the album.

‘Yours to Defend’ is a little unpolished in places, but we would argue that this adds to its appeal. Its rawness perfectly compliments the heavy guitar riffs on ‘No Rest, No Peace, No Bribes’ and contrasts sublimely with Damon Tang’s rapidly changing vocals that take centre stage throughout the album.

With appearances at Download Festival and Slam Dunk Festival under their belts, we look forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for Acoda.

‘Yours to Defend’ might not be fully representative of Acoda’s full potential, but it is certainly a solid album that we can’t imagine leaving many disappointed.


Download Yours to Defend

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