New Year, New Start

First of all we’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year here at TWSH. 2013 had a bit of a troubled end for us and we didn’t post very much near the end but we’re hoping to use 2014 as a fresh start and to keep things constant for you guys.

We’d like to start by thanking our followers for all your support and for continuing to read our content, we’d love to see more thoughts on what we’re doing in 2014 so please don’t hold any thoughts to yourself, let us know what we’re doing well and what we’re not doing so well, opinions are very much welcome here.

We’d also like to give you an explanation for why we became quiet toward the end of the year, business wise it’s not considered very good to tell people about your set backs, but hey we’re not making money from this…

To start our main writer Gee unfortunately has been diagnosed with Amnesia and a brain tumour. It was distressing for both her and us. After having worked with someone for 2 years it’s very scary when they don’t remember who you are or anything that you’ve done together. She is currently rebuilding everything but won’t be writing for TWSH for a little while. She’s had lots of support from family and friends and we’ve managed to get her back into blogging so she has her own blog where she’s documenting things she does every day as a place to come back to so she can remind herself, she also has an amazing wall of post its with references to everything: from who her friends and family are, to why she loves Doctor Who so much and how to knit a scarf. You can see her discovering things all over again via the medium of tumblr.

As for myself, the editor, Kristine. Since I was 20 I  have known that I have had a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which affects my lady monthly cycles, weight, skin, moods and potentially my future fertility. For the past 2 years I have been suffering from quite severe pelvic pains which has me on powerful pain killers and sometimes curled up in a ball in pain for anything from half an hour to a couple of hours. I underwent investigative surgery back in October and have been diagnosed with Endometriosis which is where the lining of my womb is growing outside of the womb area so when the monthly cycle happens this lining is breaking down and bleeding in and around my other organs, causing severe, sometimes agonising, pain. It’s taking me a while to get my head around it especially as I’ve now been told for a second time, at the age of 24, that the possibility of me having my own family is slowly diminishing. It also means future operations to remove these growths to stop them damaging my other organs.

So for me and Gee the end of 2013 has been tough, and both of us are having to rebuild our expectations of life in different ways and annoyingly the blog has suffered. BUT 2014 is our chance to start afresh and we’ll also be getting a helping hand from our friend Tom who will be doing some artist reviews for us. So please welcome and support him as much as you have us.

The layout will be similar, we’ll still do iTunes reviews once a week but Artist and Video reviews will be down scaled to once a month so it’s more manageable. If you do contact us about being featured with a specific idea in mind eg a new album release or tour, please do so well in advance so we can get you in our diary!

Thank you again for your support over the last 18 months and here’s to our New Start!



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