Angel Haze ‘Deep Sea diver’

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is the first free single artist from iTunes UK in 2014. Now this one we have to say is definitely a record label placement as opposed to someone really liking the track in the office and making sure it gets heard. Angel Haze hails from Detroit, USA and is a mere 22 years old (everyone is so much younger than me). Like many other female rap stars rising through the ranks she has had the obligatory spat with Azalea Banks on Twitter, seems like it’s an initiation these days. Angel Haze is signed to Universal and Island Records.

This free track Deep Sea Diver is a metaphor for being overwhelemd by your feelings of love and lust for someone. It has a quite tame beat, nothing that makes you want to really dance, although it’s constant and therefore easy to nod along to, it’s not exciting. Haze proves both her rapping and singing ability on the track and is good at both but again there’s nothing on this track that’s wowing me. It follows the generic verse, chorus, verse, middle eight, chorus but with no amazing changes and definitely feels like a filler track.

This track alone doesn’t do it for me, I can imagine it being placed in a movie as a backing track for something but it’s not going to be a major club hit. Angle Haze, however, is good at what she does and it will be interesting to see how her album does and how she develops over the coming year.


Download Deep Sea Diver

Find out more about Angel Haze:
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