Lucy Spraggan ‘Someone’

Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan is a singer songwriter form Sheffield in the UK. Her music is what is known as A-flop or in English Acoustic, folk, hip-hop. Lucy was a contestant on the UK 2012 x Factor but had to drop out due to illness. She is the only contestant in the history of the show to get a Top 40 hit whilst on it as she had already released an independent album in 2011 called ‘Top Room at the Zoo’. Since then she has signed to Columbia and this track comes from her major labe debut Join the Club.

Someone is a classic of Lucy’s style but does remind us of Frank Hamilton, they should definitely team up. This track is easy to listen to and easy to like. There’s a catchy guitar riff and an equally catchy chorus that’s going to stick in your head for a while. The arrangement is simple but effective with the majority of the track being just vocals and guitar, however important sections are accented with synth strings and light orchestral percussion.

A well balanced, bright track which hints at good things to come.


Download Someone and Join the Club

Find out more about Lucy Spraggan
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