Chvrches ‘Tether’

ChvrchesChvrches are a Scottish synth-pop band from Glasgow. They have been together for only 2 years and consist of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. You may have heard of them as they’ve been making waves in the music scene of late have been 5th on the BBC’s sound of 2013 list, you can read all about their interesting back store here.

Tether has a very dark electronic pop feel to it, also known as darkwave. It puts us in mind of The Eurhythmics mixed with a bit of Florence and the Machine and a lot of 80s synth pop. The track opens with an echoing, haunting electric guitar and Lauren’s, giving a truly dark and ghostly feel. The track then builds with some percussion and chorused vocals, before dropping down again and later culminating in a truly ‘phwoar’ moment, made even more epic because of the subdued section immediately before it.

I could definitely imagine dancing like a crazy person to this in a concert venue that just happens to be a converted church. These guys definitely live to the hype with this track, a must to download.


Download Tether

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