London Grammar ‘Shyer’


London Grammar are a *shock horror* London based pop trio with a soulful minimalistic edge. Made up of vocalist Hannah Reid supported by Dot Major and Dan Rothman they create a sound with vocal hints of Florence and the Machine, a vibe akin to the Eurhythmics and another sound which is all their own.

Shyer starts with a jazzy piano ad lib and a voice hat gives permission to start. The track then breaks into a simple piano chord progression with a plucked guitar motif and lots of deep sustained bass. Very much a track for a classy up market restaurant/bar. It’s definitely a track that you can run to and get lost in. Hannah Reids voice is powerful and beautiful without being overbearing and the whole track is nicely understated.

So thank you iTunes for this choice, a nice track from a trio with lots of future promise.

We couldn’t find a free stream of Shyer on the net so here’s the title track from their debut album Metal and Dust


Download Shyer

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