Introducing: Shiver


Shiver, where have you been all our lives! With your lively mix of soul, rock, funk and blues you make the old school, cool. Fearless and inspired, Shivers sound and vibe are electrifying and addictive; leaving you wanting more until the very last reverberating note.

If you ever get a chance see these guys live, we did, and the little that we heard of their catalogue was hot to trot! From 90’s RnB which required vocal power and catchy, liberated 70’s electro guitar riffs that would give Prince a run for his money, to a cover of Proud Mary with a power and energy that raised the roof of The Water Rats in Kings Cross: this band knows no bounds.

We knew they were something special from the first song as the band had to battle the venue’s acoustic to bring to the crowd a fiery 80’s rock vibe with added Smashing Pumpkins esque ad libs; groovy enough to make you move and catchy enough to keep the song in your head until the end. The band proved their song writing and musical chops in the next song; gracing our ears with the sound of late summer nights full of hot lightbulbs and smokey rooms choosing a red hot chilli peppers sound for familiarity, with a bright and appealing accompaniment of the guitar and a strong harmony backing.

However the band proved they have diversity, moving from the previous rock/funk vibe to a sound that, towards the end of their set was a ballad that had all the vibe of lovers rock and all the intensity of epic cinema bringing to mind silk sheets and hot winds. The complementary guitar harmonies and background solo riffs add a depth of feeling that stop the band from being samey and push them to another level of sound.

I will draw the listeners attention to a particular song by the band, Sunburst, with a heavier rockGoo Goo Dolls vibe. Calm and collected the song rises and falls, along with soaring, electrifying vocals that pulls you along so that you feel that you are standing on top of a rooftop looking out on the world. Both melodic and harmonic, the instrumental peak had essences of Morcheeba and Fleetwood Mac.

Live, the band are stirring. And considering the band started off as a ‘Christmas’ band; (you know the ones that start as a way to warm you up before the egg nog starts – but nothing ever really happens after? Yeah, those ones) they have done really well with gigs ongoing throughout London. And with their sound its no wonder that they have done so well. Here at TWSH we are eagerly awaiting more from them, and would welcome any and all EP’s this band have done or are yet to come.

Shiver will leave you with a bad case of the shivers.


Find out more about Shiver:
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