Drenge ‘Bloodsports’



This weeks free single comes from 2 brothers from sheffield called Drenge. Working with just guitar and drums these guys posses a sound that made me think they were at least in their 30s and had been on the scene for a while, however my ears deceive me! As you can see from the picture they are but babes. However they are making noise in all the right directions with their heavy grunge rock tone, with hints of queens of the stone age… if they’d grown up in the british countryside.

So Bloodsports, it’s a definite driving/running song with a pace that keeps you going. The structure is pretty generic in terms of intro verse, chorus, verse, chorus middle 8/instrumental and finish with a repeating riff that goes a bit crazy for the last 30 seconds with some variations and a big fading chord at the end.

My only problem with this track is there’s not actually that much movement. All the sounds are really heavy and low, there’s very little movement in the higher registers to lift it and when it comes to the vocals they repeat the same melody time and again with much of the vocal sticking to a range of about 3 or 4 different pitches. About halfway through the track I got a bit bored and to the I’ve heard this all before stage, and even brining in the variations for the last 30 seconds didn’t help because it was just the same chordal structure with a slightly different rhythm.

There’s no doubt that these guys are talented musicians, and I completely respect what they do, but the track is boring. For me it lacks that little spark that makes me go ‘I need tickets to see these guys now and I must download their entire back catalogue and get their t-shirt and and ….’ *hyperventilate and faint* I really don’t get that feeling, it’s good to jump around to but I probably won’t play it again after having listened to it on repeat for this review.

So for me, good playing, boring track, but at least check out their other stuff because there could be a hidden gem in there somewhere.


Download Bloodsports

FInd out more about Drenge:
Facebook Twitter SoundCloud Website


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