Tom Odell ‘Sirens’

Tom Odell


Tom Odell is the 22 year old british songwriter from Chichester in West Sussex. His early career is riddled with setbacks, at the age of 18 he ditched his plan of going to Uni and attempted to get into a music college in Liverpool attending open mi-mic nights regularly but returned home after only a year having lost his job. He then drove down to London on a regular basis in his grandmothers car, performing gigs and advertising in music schools. Things started to look up in 2012 when he was signed to an off-shoot of Columbia Records called In the Name Of. He was given an album advance and bought a green Mini Cooper, but after a mere three weeks he returned from a show in Scotland to find the car gone. However things are again improving for Tom having appeared on Later… with Jools Holland and being named as one of the nominees for the BBC sound of 2013 poll. He also recently won the Brits Critics Choice Award.

So to Sirens. an anthemic, british toned song with hints of ColdPlay and many of his influences like Elton John, Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen. This is a song that doesn’t disappoint, trust me I’ve had on repeat!

The track opens with a light piano motif and simple hand claps that create a haunting atmosphere that envelopes the listener before Tom’s unique voice, which has a strange hint of Jamie T to it, enters clear and pure. Things like the egg shaker in the background really help sustain that atmosphere before launching into the ‘coldplay’ bit, where the bass and drums enter. The chorus is further strengthened by the choir that emphasise the chorus line of ‘We’ll be all run run running away when sirens they come our way’. This simple mix of instruments and melody line continue to a crescendo-ing and rousing finish. Before simmering back down.

I can just imagine listening to this at a live concert, in the middle of a packed field with everyone clapping and singing along. It’s these kind of songs, that transport you away from your house and every day life that let you know that this person is something special.

All Tom’s hard work has paid off, he will big, and we will be there!


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One thought on “Tom Odell ‘Sirens’

  1. I still like “Grow Old With Me” the most It will be interesting to hear the rest of the tracks from Long Way Down

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