Swim Deep ‘King City’



We are very excited by this latest free single! TWSH guest writer Dave introduced you lovely people to Swim Deep back in November of last year, and just under a year later they are now the iTunes single of the week! Feel free to head back to that article if you missed it.

King City comes from Swim Deeps debut album Where the heaven Are We, with label Chess Club. The guys have had a whirlwind journey over the past 2 years since they formed. Known for their live work they guys only released one EP in Japan earlier this year called Sun On My Back, which is one of the main hooks for the chorus in King City.

King City keeps true to their form with a light electro indie feel that they are known for. One of those summer hits, if only it and been released earlier it would have been massive for the summer. There are breaks in this trace that make you want to be in a club, gig or field, jumping up and down with a hundred other strangers and going a little crazy. With a bass line that makes you want to move and a light vocal that still gives it a laid back feel, this is the hipster music of the future.

All in all we quite like this one and got a little over excited that one of our past features, albeit it came from a guest, has made it to single of the week!


Download King City

Read Novembers article on Swim Deep by Dave Roberts


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