Lauren Aquilina ‘Sinners’



Now some of you may recognise the name for this single. She featured on Frank Hamilton’s track ‘Flaws and Ceilings’ which was a free single earlier this year (we’re going to see him at the end of September yay!). At the time we fell in love with Lauren’s voice and now we can hear her own work with a full length track featuring her gorgeous vocals.

From the nearby Windsor, one of those places the queen stays every now and again, Lauren is only 18 years old with her 19th birthday fast approaching. However she sounds much older than her tender years (we can’t really talk about her being young as we’re only 24 ourselves, but we’ve definitely reached the age where we can moan about kids!). Lauren describes her music as ‘reverie magical piano stuff’ and we couldn’t agree more, we’re still baffled as to why she hasn’t been signed yet!

Sinners is a very classic singer songwriter who plays piano song, but with gorgeous atmospheric background sounds created from her vocals and some percussion stuff and what sounds like some atmospheric synth pads. This track is one of those classic, anthem-y tracks that you can imagine being played in a movie or over a video montage for comic relief or the like. The best line from this track is ‘Let’s be winners by mistake’, and we’re quite certain that if this was released last year it would have been featured on an olympic montage.

One of those tracks that you can’t help but like but will probably make you cry if you listen to the lyrics and are a very hormonal female (which is me right now). Enjoy!


Download Sinners

Find out more about Lauren Aquilina
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