Bipolar Sunshine ‘Rivers’



A solo act form the remnants of one of our favourite British bands that disappeared: Kid British. Now making music and performing under the moniker Bipolar Sunshine, Adio Marchant is staying on the scene. He’s had a busy time of it so far having played at love box and having sets at reading and leeds. He also teamed up with Rudimental on a project for Bacardi Beginnings where they were challenged to create a track in 24 hours. The result was a gorgeous, funky track called ‘Distance’.

However iTunes have gifted us with his track Rivers. It’s a refreshing song after all the folk and electronica stuff that is highly and in some cases over produced. So with a very under produced track that makes me think of a grown up Kid British vibe, Rivers opens with an atmospheric low spoken word and guitar sound. Adio’s vocals enter with a sound that makes it sound like he’s in an open hall and is then accompanied by a beautiful layering sound before being stripped back to an atmospheric passage where he sing ‘been low, but I been higher’.

This is such a summery, homey sounding track. The same king of sound that first attracted to me to Kid British when they firs popped on the scene. Manchester have a lot of talent to offer and Bipolar Sunshine is definitely worth checking out. Fingers crossed he doesn’t fizzle away like the group. We’re fans already.


Download Rivers

Find out more about Bipolar Sunshine
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