So recently someone requested us to check out a band called Marmozets. Now these guys have been floating about for a while and are now making waves in the alternative and rock scenes. With the oldest member of the band being only 20 years old, they’ve just attended their first Kerrang! Awards, played at Download festival and are about to go on tour with Funeral for a Friend. I have now reached the age where I am majorly jealous as they’re all younger than me and all so much more accomplished!


Classy: Marmozets at this years Kerrang! Awards

I am very happy to say that Marmozets are a FEMALE fronted band who describe themselves as ‘RAWKOUS ALTERNATIVE MATH ENERGY’ and yes they do it all in caps, they are a bit screamo after all. Comprised of two families we have Becca, Sam and Josh Macintyre (vocals, guitar/vocals and drums) and Jack and Will Bottomley (guitar and bass/vocals). Considering their tender age, these guys are much tighter and musically accomplished then most of the rubbish the internet throws our way these days.

Take their most recent single ‘Born Young and Free’ for example, it open with perfectly synced riffs from all instruments before being interjected with a stop passage where Becca enters and then pops into the verse. The track has another stop section and then glides effortlessly into a the chorus. Becca switches easily between a raspy, guttural scream.shout and a higher pitched melody. The boys offer some more depth and bass to the scream sections later on, which is an amazing contrast to Becca. Josh keeps the track together and tight the whole way along by being the driving rhythm force in the background.

Even going back to some of their older tracks, there is no denying the skill and talent of Marmozets as individuals and as a unit. They are high impact and may be the British answer to Paramore, but obviously with a bit more class.

Can’t wait to see how these guys grow, it’s going to be something to tell the grandchildren.


Find out more about Marmozets:
Facebook Tumblr Twitter Website



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