Jagwa Ma ‘The Throw’

So this week iTunes have gone very on trend with 6 Music and NME’s favourite kids on the block Jagwar Ma. Hailing from Australia they are about to embark on a UK tour and claim to currently be in Antarctica on their Facebook page. These two cool cats don’t have much information about themselves on their social networking sites and emanate a retro sound 90, sometimes 60s sound. They are most commonly likened to The Stone Roses and definitely sound like the kind of 90s music that would have featured at Glastonbury. For some reason they bring to mind the movie Train Spotting and the likes of the Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets.

The track we’re being graced with is ‘The Throw’, a very chilled and trippy track (suitable right now as I’m on heavy pain meds). It fades in slowly with a lovely light percussion backing. The vocal enters with a high pitched floaty feeling to it and is followed by some gorgeous slide guitar. The track continues in this manner with a slight contrast on the chorus where the vocal dips a bit lower as does the guitar.

This song needs to be on a movie soundtrack where there’s a moment of everyone being a little bit high and having a really good time. So granted it’s not to everyone’s taste but it is a chilled track for nice summer weather.

Catch it whilst it’s still there and see how you feel about Jagwar Ma.


Download The Throw

Find out more about Jagwar Ma
Facebook Twitter YouTube Website


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