Saint Raymond ‘Fall At Your Feet’

Saint Raymond


Sounding like a love child of Woodkid and Frank Hamilton with echoes of One Republic, this weeks iTunes single of the week; Fall At Your Feet by Saint Raymond, signals a slight shift in the music scene that has been appearing recently.

Saint Raymond, (not to be confused with the Musée Saint-Raymond in France or the catholic patron saint of expectant mothers and midwives…. how much research went into this moniker?), is a Nottingham based singer-songwriter, who usually goes by the name Callum Burrows. Currently touring the Uk, he is fresh on the iTunes scene with his new, very excellent EP, Escapades. The indie/acoustic/pop artist is definitely bound to be a firm favourite. Having been active since 2008 (possibly earlier), we hope he’ll be able to really stretch his musical chops in the coming year, as his music is really worth a listen.

It could be the lack of summer we’ve been having recently but this week’s track feels favour has shifted slightly from the indie angst of the previous weeks (see Cave Painting) to more upbeat melodic summer charm. And that’s just what Fall At Your Feet is: absolutely charming. The track has a young uncomplicated sound filled with latent energy and pulsing percussion back beat. The contrasting emotive lyrics and vocals with Beach Boys style chords and Jersey Boys undertones (I think a lot of people are trying this type of effect: Valerie June, anyone?) heralds a quality of lyrics that is becoming the norm. Simplistic and uncomplicated rhythms coupled with easy guitar riffs makes the song even more likeable and even easier on the ears, without allowing itself to be mundane. The melody of the track pushes it along from strength to strength, while the rousing pre-bridge amps up the power of the piece. Adding layers of vocal and emotive tension before the final burst of sound that is liberating and energising, until you feel like you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet in order to try and keep up.

This song would definitely sound amazing live  and with this seasons festivals soon underway, here’s hoping that there might be a live recording soon.


Download Fall At Your Feet and Escapades

Find out more about Saint Raymond:
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