Misha B ‘Here’s to Everything (ooh la la)’

Misha B


We have eyes and ears in many places…

So this is a first for our video reviews. Recently we had simplicity and high quality from the lovely Death in Texas and their track ‘Fear of the Hundred‘. However with some new astonishing videos Misha B has really got my attention…

Here’s to Everything is the latest release from 2011 X Factor finalist Misha B and I absolutely love this video. We had an insider on set during the making of the video who said it was a fantastic shoot and that Misha was lovely to work with. Always nice to hear that fame does not go to everyone’s head.

Now for the video… Well what can I say fire, air and water all the elements so perfectly aligned. The choreography throughout the video is perfect. Misha B you have smashed it on this video with your outfits showcasing your curves you rock girl…

To top it all off there’s no fade out at the end of the video, just a ‘here I am, I’m not going anywhere’ shot. The last shot is outstanding simple but brilliant, this is what videos should look like. They should encompass the artists passion and bring to life the track.

Well that’s it for this time but keep an eye on twitter for some do’s and don’ts of video shoots and editing.

keep smiling, keep dancing
Find out more about Misha B:

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