Savages ‘City’s Full’


Savages are a London based all female band comprising of Jehn, Gemma, Ayse and Fay. Now I’m all for feminism and our right to express ourselves but I have yet to find a decent, rock based, all girl band. Let’s face it angry women trying to be all post-modern punk are very rarely any good. I rate them for listing Mary Shelley as one of their influences, but it does bring to mind angsty goth rock. This free track was majorly disappointing.

This track is all heavy bass and guitar with lots of feedback on microphones and distorted guitar trying to revive british punk with Nirvana esque tones and a section that brought to mind the Judas Priest track ‘Breaking the Law’. Overall though this track did nothing for me, it made me feel tired and moody and not one thing spoke to me.

Sorry ladies, free track it may be but there is nothing in there that screams buy me. Our verdict is skip this one, but by all means give it a listen and see what you think.


Download City’s Full

Find out more about Savages:
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