Angel ‘Rocket Love’


So we have a cover of Frank Ocean’s song ‘Rocket Love’, a song that in my opinion isn’t up to much anyway. The individual covering it was London based Angel, someone from whom I’d expected better.

Now don’t get me wrong, Angel can sing, his voice is stunning. Here at TWSH we are big fans of him as he is also a West London neighbour of ours (Shepherds Bush all the way!). If we’re honest though, the overall song is a bit disappointing and the video released to go with it has nothing to do with the song or the lyrics. We have a lovely tour of our local area, but we see nothing of this girl who takes him to the moon in bed.
We can kind of let him off for the boring song though, because it was written by Frank Ocean, so it’s not Angels writing talents being scrutinised. It’s just a really boring track both lyrically and musically and not one I would ever pay to download.
On the other hand I do advise listening to some of his other tracks such as ‘Go In, Go Hard’ which was featured on the Streetdance 2 soundtrack and features Wretch 32.
So it was a no for the cover of Frank Ocean but a general yes to the rest of his work as he’s a fantastic singer (we even caught him at iTunes festival last year!)
Happy listening loves.
Download Rocket Love
Find out more about Angel:



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