Fossil Collective ‘Let it Go’

Fossil Collective


Here at TWSH we’ve been pretty impressed by the variety of different music that iTunes has been offering us of late, could it be that there’s someone new making the free single choices and they have more of an eclectic taste?

So this week we’re graced by the soothing country indie folk tones of the Fossil Collective, a two man, multi-instrumentalist, bearded pair from Leads, UK. What is it about great male musicians being bearded? They also seem to be the ones with great wisdom. The duo have been going since 2009 and if you’re someone who floats about BBC 6 music from time to time, the name probably rings a bell. Inspired by the likes of Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and, Simon and Garfunkel, and having been compared to contemporaries such as Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, these guys are definitely worth a listen.

‘Let it Go’ is this weeks free track, which the guys have been tweeting about, you can also get a free 4 track EP download if you visit their website, how very generous.

‘Let it Go’ opens with muted guitar and a strong harmonised vocal and slowly builds up with light percussion and flute throughout the track. It has this gorgeous country esk feel with a californian twist, worthy of The OC soundtrack (as you’ve probably worked out by now we were of The OC generation). I feel like he biggest impact point in this song is definitely Lyrics, to me the overall sound is secondary to the pearls of wisdom hidden in there. The stand out line for me happens in the first verse just before the chorus first enters:  ‘I was a mess before you came’ followed straight away by some harmonised oos and what sounds like a little slide guitar. This is followed by lines such as ‘Tried to make a fire without a flame’, an extremely poetic track about love and being unreasonable, well that’s what I got from it anyway.

All in all a track that is well rounded, chilled out and will be accompanied by a cool alcoholic beverage when the weather gets a bit more summer like. Thanks for this one iTunes and thanks for the 4 track EP lads!


Download Let it Go

Find out more about Fossil Collective

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