Stampie Major ‘Maximum’



This weeks video is far from what I would normally review. Each video goes through a screening here at TWSH. So when I heard that Stampie Major’s track Maximum was my next video to review, I had high hopes for him. It was sad to say I was very much let down.

The track is all about showcasing the Maximum, and primarily flits between two defining characters: one in the black jacket and the other in a white t-shirt. With the theme of the song I was expecting a little more then a dark room and a stroll down the high street. I kept watching and even watched it a number of times, but I’m sorry to say this was far from Maximum.

I like to stay positive and being someone with experience of making music videos, I know how hard it is to make a solid video with little or no money. Despite the fact that the overall video fell short of my expectations, the middle was promising with a few, well placed transitions.

My advice to Stampie is this: for the next video keep it simple, keep it light and you’ll be good. I’m looking forward to your next track.

Keep smiling, keep dancing.


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2 thoughts on “Stampie Major ‘Maximum’

    • We never said that Stampie Major wasn’t going far but for us this video just didn’t quite support the song in the way we felt it should. Everyone grows and develops though, so we’re looking forward to his future work.

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