Sally Archer


The beautiful harmonious sounds included in Sally Archer’s short EP, Fades, are a pleasing and captivating mix of heart wrenching lyrics and soulful melodies. Eccentric piano melodies and stripped back percussions are the understated keys to her sound. With the idea of less is more, Fades doesn’t lack an amazing quality of sound or feeling. Sally Archer’s lyrics are memorable and touching while the music drives home the emotion. Grabbing hold of your heartbeat until listening feels like your very blood is moving along with the rhythms and the melody and story she is trying to convey.

It’s this kind of element that makes her song For Us such an outstanding auditory experience. A delicate piano accompaniment later interjected by minimalistic percussion is all that is needed to accompany such lovely raw, soulful vocals. Sally has a focused direct tone that is masterfully applied to every word, so that while listening, its feels as if you are being immersed in a track that is pulling from your very bloodstream. Rooting you to the spot with a sound akin to Adele and Birdy with all the chops of Florence and the Machine. And if you’ve heard ‘Run Boy Run’ by Woodkid, you’re not too far off the level of goosebumps this track can give.

The first song on the EP A Better Boy, feels like standing under a clear sky on the Southbank; different and yet classic British. The darker tones that follow on, especially as the EP goes into Seen It All, gives a feel of being in a whirlwind of emotion and experience. As if, in creating either of these melodies, Sally is taking us through those unexplainable relatable experiences of life and love. Putting into words the un-wordable and with that, an accompaniment of the piano with her vocals is all the effort either of these tracks need, to make them perfect. Something that is even more strongly felt in the last song.

Fades is the track that leaves you wanting more. Like a pebble being dropped in a pond. The track’s centre is Sally’s alluring soaring vocal and the lyrics rippling out as you listen and swim through the feeling behind the words. A more intimate feel to the track than the others. As Sally manages to strip the track down to an almost acoustic level, bringing with it a pureness to her sound without being too melancholy or bogged down by being over dramatic with the arrangement.

Fades is a simple EP, done extremely well. It allows you to hone in on Sally’s beautiful voice and heart felt lyrics without getting distracted with any overbearing showiness. One for the girly nights in we think!


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