Death in Texas ‘Fear of The Hundred’


Hey guys and girls, so this weeks video review is of Death in Texas and their track “Fear of the Hundred”.

DEATH IN TEXAS ‘FEAR OF THE HUNDRED’ from Joe Wright on Vimeo.

I enjoyed watching this video as there are no clichés in any of the artistic elements, just a very good representation of the band through excellent styling. This is a simplistic yet effective video that does not draw you away from the track or the band. The soft focus and low lighting in a cellar like room position the band as the focus of the video, particularly the lead singer.

There isn’t really much to say on this beautifully choreographed video apart from simplicity is at times the best way for a video to make impact. There’s no need to complicate whilst always keeping quality high and that’s exactly what these guys have done. It really let’s the quality of the music shine through and lets you focus in on the track.

That’s it for this week, I might be generous and review a second video this week, so keep it locked… Keep smiling, keep dancing!


Find out more about Death in Texas:
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