Daughter ‘Human’



This week single of the week has a lot to live up to, not only is it the iTunes pick but it’s also been named Zane Lowe’s hottest record. They began as the solo project of lead singer Elena in 2010 and became another folky British band. Elena’s tonal quality reminds me of Birdy, quite soft and high pitched but with a slightly more mature quality to it.

This track has an overall muted feel with female lead vocals, and lots of sustained guitar chords in the background and a constant kit rhythm that drives the track. It’s difficult to describe this track because there’s little change to it throughout, apart from the lyrics. It just appears to drift along with no clear changes or peaks. Which for me makes it a very disappointing track. I like my tracks to take me somewhere, not just suspend me in a state of ‘float’.

According to the band in their interview with Annie Mac, this song is rather upbeat for them, again this disappoints me. This means that there’s just more ‘float’ on their album. Their sound has a very down tempo Florence and the Machine feel to it, or to put it another way they sound like another XX (a band who I don’t personally get and again I find no substance to their music: no peaks, no climbs and no particular wow moments or points of interest).

So for me this weeks single of the week is overall a bit of a let down. I can’t fault their musical ability, they can sing and play very well. I just feel no particular emotion jumping out when listening to this apart from my earlier ‘float’ description. It hasn’t done anything for me, but I’ll let you make up your own minds and you can download the track using the link below.


Download Human and pre-order If You Leave

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